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The Benefits of Using Baby Sling 
There is nothing more beautiful than carrying your baby in your arms and looking at her/him peacefully sleeping close to your heart. Babywearing is one the most unforgettable and treasured moments for many parents. Parents will never forget the first time they held or carried their child in their arms.

However, did you know that more than the happiness that babywearing gives the parent, it provides more benefits to the child?

Babywearing or carrying a baby in a sling provides many benefits not all parents are aware of. Let us take a closer look at 5 amazing benefits of this simple gesture of love.

The Benefits of Using Baby Sling 
 1. Babies who are carried more often tend to cry less. According to a study in 1986, carrying an infant for 2 or more hours per day, reduces crying among babies by 43% during the day and 51% during the night. Babywearing is another way of making children feel loved, safe, and cared for. As such, their crying is significantly reduced.

2. Carrying a baby in a sling is also good for his/her physical development because it resembles the position of a fetus in the womb. For babies, it is comfortable and relaxing to be carried in an upright position. More importantly, an upright carrying position promotes healthy digestion and reduce the risk of physical abnormalities associated with babies spending most of the time sleeping on their backs or even bellies.

3. Babies who are carried more often have healthier mental and emotional development. Babies need assurance that someone, especially their mommy is around to take care of them. Babies need access to breastfeeding most of the time. They also need the warmth and comfort of a cuddle. Babywearing provides them all their needs. Children who were carried more often when they were little tend to be more calm, content, and happier! 
4. Carrying baby in a sling makes parenting easier than if you are just holding your child with your arms. With a sling, your hands are free so you can do chores and other activities. You can work while still being able to attend to your baby’s needs like breastfeeding and putting him/her to sleep.

5. Babywearing promotes a closer parent-child relationship. In fact, the child tends to be more attached or clingy to the one who carries him/her often than to the one who carry her/him less. As such, if you want your child to grow closer to you, then do the babywearing as often as possible:)

These are just 5 of the many benefits of babywearing. Indeed, this simple gesture of love has an impact to a child’s overall development. There is just one thing that you should not fail to consider when babywearing - Always use a comfortable and sturdy ring for your baby sling! I highly recommend that you use the Camden Cole Aluminum Rings for slings. These rings are highly durable, smooth, weld-free, non-toxic, and they come different colors as well so babies or toddlers will surely love them.
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